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Wentzel Apiaries Honey

        Here at Wentzel Apiaries, we believe in delivering the very best product to our customers which is why we are very picky with where our honeybees are placed. We choose only the best locations with the highest quality crops and flowers for our mighty honey producers. You will see that much of our honey is made from the Sainfoin flower. Sainfoin is a legume with a brilliant pink flower which our bees absolutly love. This flower produces honey that is very light in color which is a great indicator of flavor and quality. Sainfoin honey can be described as lightly fruity and mildly sweet. This is by far our favorite honey because it adds the perfect touch to any beverage or meal without being overwhelming. 

Sainfoin Flower Blooming

Sainfoin in bloom

Want Free Delivery?

We understand shipping is expensive, this is why we sell our honey at select local locations and offer pickup/ drop-off options for local, large-order purchases. Contact us to see if you qualify!


Phone: (406) 596-0476

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